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Fiber Blanket

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  • Brand:    WH
  • Type:    SV029
  • Price:    $65/roll RMB
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WH Ceramic Fiber Bulk is produced by melting mine and mix materials, then formed by blowing
or spun.
WH Ceramic Fiber Blanket is made from continuous tile fiber bulk by special strong double
surface needling.
WH Ceramic Fiber aluminum foil blanket is made from needling blanket, formed by coating Single
or double aluminum foil or aluminum foil cloth.


Good springiness for fiber
Excellent intensity and resistance to blowing
Excellent chemical stability, resistance to erosion
Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity
Low shrinkage
Excellent sound insulation
Metal aluminum foil could effectively protect from radiation heat, make the insulation property more significantly

Typical Applications
Filling insulation and joint sealing
Back-up lining for industrial furnaces
Fireproof materials for construction
High temperature materials for filtration
Raw materials for further producing, such as modules
High temperature equipment and heat pipe heat preservation
Stamping production of various special-shaped seal products
Product Specifications
Ceramic Fiber Bulk:10KG/bag
Ceramic fiber Blanket/aluminum foil blanket:
Density: 64, 96,128,160Kg/m
Size: 7200/7320×600/610×6/12.5/20/25 mm
3600×600×50 mm,5000×600×38 mm
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