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Emamectin Benzoate+Pyridaben 15.5% EC

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Active ingredients and their content:
Pyridacloprid 15.3% methylaminoavermectin benzoate 0.2%
Agrochemical Pesticide Compound Emamectin Benzoate+Pyridaben 15.5% Ec
Scope and method of use:
Dosage (formulation amount/mu) and application method for crop/site control objects
Orange tree red spider 1500-2000 times liquid spray
Agrochemical Pesticide Compound Emamectin Benzoate+Pyridaben 15.5% Ec
Technical requirements for use:
1. To prevent and control citrus red spider, spray should be carried out when the mite population is low, and spray should be carried out when the plant is fully saturated without dripping. 2. Do not apply pesticides on windy days or expected rainfall within 1 hour. 3. When using, first add water, then add medicine, and stir evenly. 4. During the safety period, there should be a 14 day interval and crops should be used up to 2 times per season.
Agrochemical Pesticide Compound Emamectin Benzoate+Pyridaben 15.5% Ec
Product performance:

This product is a mite killing agent composed of a mixture of methylaminoavermectin benzoate and imidacloprid in proportion. It has gastric toxicity and contact killing effects, and has a certain degree of quick action with a longer lasting period.
1. This product should not be mixed with strong alkaline substances. To avoid the development of drug resistance, it is not advisable to use it continuously for a long period of time. It should be used alternately with other acaricides with different mechanisms of action. 3. This product is irritating to the skin and eyes. When using this product, protective clothing, masks, and gloves should be worn to avoid direct contact with the skin and inhalation of the medication. Do not eat or drink during the application period. After spraying, contaminated skin and spraying equipment should be cleaned in a timely manner. 4. This product is toxic to aquatic organisms such as bees and fish, as well as silkworms. During the application period, it should be avoided from affecting the surrounding bee colonies. It is prohibited during the flowering period of flowering plants, in the vicinity of silkworm chambers and mulberry orchards. Keep away from aquaculture areas and prohibit cleaning pesticide equipment in rivers, ponds, and other water bodies. 5. The remaining medication and discarded packaging should not be discarded arbitrarily and should be disposed of properly. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are prohibited from contact. 7. Red eyed bees and other natural enemies are prohibited from flying in areas. 8. Used containers should be properly disposed of and should not be used for other purposes or discarded at will.
Agrochemical Pesticide Compound Emamectin Benzoate+Pyridaben 15.5% Ec
First aid measures for poisoning:
Symptoms of poisoning: Early symptoms include dilated pupils, dyskinesia, muscle tremors, and in severe cases, vomiting. Emergency treatment: Take the patient to the hospital for symptomatic treatment immediately with a label after oral administration. If it is determined that the patient is mainly poisoned by methylavermectin benzoate, immediately induce vomiting and give the patient emetic syrup, but do not induce vomiting or administer anything to the unconscious patient. Avoid using enhancers for patients during rescue γ- Drugs with aminobutyric acid activity (such as barbiturates, valproic acid, etc.). Accidentally inhaled, the patient should be moved to a well ventilated area. If accidentally touching the skin or splashing into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.
Storage and transportation methods:
This product should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated, and rainproof place, away from sources of fire or heat. Keep out of reach of children and unrelated personnel, and lock and store. Do not store or transport with other commodities such as food, beverages, grains, feed, etc.
Quality assurance period: 2 years
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