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(diethylaminoethanol succinate citrate)
According to the relevant patent documents at home and abroad, especially the invention patents and application effects of DCPTA and DA-6, succinic acid involved in the tricarboxylic acid cycle is synthesized with diethylaminoethanol according to the relevant patents and their derivatives, combined with the chemical synthesis reaction, That is, a compound with high biological activity containing bis diethylaminoethoxy structure - bis diethylaminoethanol succinate was obtained. Both succinic acid and DCPTA are multi-functional synergistic structures. The physiological activity of succinic acid and the physiological activity of diethylaminoethoxy have synergistic effect, which makes it have better plant growth regulation. It mainly affects the ultrastructure and function of plant cells, nucleic acids, proteins The regulation of peroxidase content can effectively regulate the growth and development of plants. It has many functions such as auxin, gibberellic acid and cytokinin. It can promote growth, elongate and expand fruits, resist stress and detoxify, improve quality and so on. It has an excellent broad spectrum.
Chemical name: diethylaminoethanol succinate citrate
Structural type:
Physical and chemical properties: pure crude oil is colorless liquid, which is easy to oxidize in air and turn into brownish yellow oily liquid. Crude oil is soluble in most organic solvents; Its citrate is a white micro scale crystal, which is easily soluble in water and soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol and propanol. It is stable at room temperature and has a very slight solvent smell. It is stable in neutral and acidic medium and unstable in alkaline condition.
1. This product can be directly made into various liquids and powders, and the concentration can be prepared according to needs. It is easy to operate without special additives, operation process and special equipment.
2. When mixed with fertilizer, aromatic ring compounds, adenine and other plant growth regulators are not compatible with micro fertilizer, so special solvents, additives, chelating agents and complex processes are required. D2 (butylene diester) can be directly mixed with N, P, K, Zn, B, Cu, Mn, Fe, Mo, etc. it has good compatibility, does not need additives such as organic solvents and additives, is very stable, can be stored for a long time, can improve the assimilation ability of plants, accelerate the absorption and utilization of fertilizer, can increase the fertilizer efficiency by more than 30% and reduce the fertilizer consumption by more than 10%. Its synergistic effect is more than 10% higher than that of other synergists.
3. When combined with all fungicides, D2 (butylene diester) is a weakly acidic substance, which can be combined with fungicides and has obvious synergistic effect. It can increase the efficiency by more than 30% and reduce the dosage by 10-30%. Experiments show that D2 (butyrate) can inhibit and control a variety of plant diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses.
4. When used in combination with insecticides, D2 (butylene diester) is an acidic substance. When combined with insecticides, it can increase plant growth and enhance plant insect resistance. And D2 (butyrate) itself has a repellent effect on molluscs (such as cotton bollworm, cabbage worm, etc.), which can kill insects and increase production, so as to achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone.
5. It can be used as a Herbicide Antidote (safety agent). The test shows that D2 (butyrate) has detoxification effect on most herbicides. When combined with herbicides, it can effectively prevent crop poisoning without reducing the effect of herbicides, so that the herbicides can be used safely. For poisoned crops, D2 (butylene diester) can be used for detoxification, so as to quickly restore the vitality of crops and reduce economic losses.
Dosage: leaf spray 10-50ppm, flushing and drip irrigation 10-50g.

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