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  • Brand:    SINOVID
  • Type:    SV185
  • Price:    $4.50/L RMB
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Active ingredients and their content:
Agrochemical Pesticide Insecticide Thiophanate-Methyl CAS 23564-05-8

Scope and method of use:
Dosage (formulation amount/mu) and application method for crop/site control objects
Indoor mosquito 0.2 milliliters/square meter residual spraying
Agrochemical Pesticide Insecticide Thiophanate-Methyl CAS 23564-05-8

Technical requirements for use:
When using, after diluting about 200 times the dosage of the above preparation with water, use a backpack spray or other commonly used spraying tools to comprehensively and evenly spray on the wall, floor, doors and windows, cabinet back, room beams and other surfaces where pests are easy to stay. It is advisable to spray a small amount of liquid through the surface of the object to ensure even coverage.
Agrochemical Pesticide Insecticide Thiophanate-Methyl CAS 23564-05-8

Product performance:
This product is a new type of compound sanitary insecticide that can effectively control hygiene pests such as mosquitoes and flies. Suitable for indoor environments such as hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools, food factories, breeding plants, restaurants, etc.
1) When using this product, safety precautions should be taken, such as wearing long clothes, pants, hats, masks, gloves, etc. Avoid inhaling medication mist. Do not eat or drink during the application period. After spraying, take off your clothes promptly, rinse the exposed skin with soapy water, and wash your hands and face promptly.
2) This product is toxic to fish and silkworms and is prohibited in silkworm rooms, mulberry orchards, and nearby areas. Keep away from aquaculture areas and water bodies such as rivers and ponds, and prohibit cleaning of pesticide equipment in such water bodies.
3) Do not spray onto the human body or food.
4) This product should not be mixed with alkaline substances to prevent decomposition.
5) Used packaging should be properly disposed of and should not be used for other purposes, nor should it be discarded casually.
6) Children, sensitive individuals, pregnant women, and lactating women should stay away from this product. Allergies should be avoided. If there are any adverse reactions during use, please seek medical attention promptly.
7) Avoid contact with strong oxidants. Only for indoor use.
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