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  • Type:    SV154
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Plant growth regulator AMC (吲哚乙酰糖苷96%原粉)

本品为吲哚衍生物的混合物, 外观为白色粉末,易溶于水,溶于水后为无色无味
透明液体, 对光、热、酸、 碱均稳定,不溶于有机溶剂。

本品可被植物根茎叶吸收, 低浓度时可以促进种子萌发,根系和整株生长,高浓
度时则会抑制生长。 在细胞水平上, 可刺激形成层细胞分裂;刺激枝的细胞伸长、
的形态建成。在器官和整株水平上, 从幼苗到果实成熟都起作用。生长素控制幼
苗中胚轴伸长的可逆性红光抑制; 延缓叶片衰老;施于叶片的生长素抑制脱落;

1. 促进种子萌发,打破休眠,提早发芽。
2. 促进根系发育,强根壮根,提高扦插和移栽作物的成活率。
3. 保花保果, 提高产量。
4. 使用方便,有效安全无毒。

1. 叶面喷施,推荐使用浓度为 10-20ppm;
2. 根施,使用量为 10-20g/亩。

Physical and chemical properties:
This product is a mixture of indole derivatives. It looks like a white powder and is easily soluble in water. After dissolving in water, it is a colorless, tasteless and transparent liquid. It is stable to light, heat, acid and alkali and insoluble in organic solvents.

Action mechanism:
This product can be absorbed by plant roots, stems and leaves. At low concentration, it can promote seed germination, root and whole plant growth, and at high concentration, it will inhibit growth. At the cellular level, it can stimulate the division of cambial cells; Stimulate the cell elongation of branches and inhibit the growth of root cells; Promote the differentiation of xylem and phloem cells, promote the rooting of cuttings and regulate the morphogenesis of callus. At the organ and whole plant level, it plays a role from seedling to fruit maturation. Auxin controlled the reversible red light inhibition of hypocotyl elongation in seedlings; Delaying leaf senescence; Auxin applied to leaves inhibited abscission; Promote flowering, induce the development of unisexual fruit and delay fruit maturation.

1. Promote seed germination, break dormancy and germinate early.
2. Promote root development, strengthen roots, and improve the survival rate of cutting and transplanted crops.
3. Protect flowers and fruits and improve yield.
4. Easy to use, effective, safe and non-toxic.

Usage and dosage:
1. Foliar spraying, the recommended concentration is 10-20ppm;
2. Root application, the use amount is 10-20g / mu.

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