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Matalaxyl 12%+Copper oxide 60% WP

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  • Brand:    SINOVID
  • Type:    SV050
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Fungicide Matalaxyl 12%+Copper oxide 60% WP  (Metalaxyl + Cuprous Oxide 72% WP)   is a high efficiency contact and systemic fungicide for controlling black pod disease on Cocoa.



 Mix Matalaxyl 12%+Copper oxide 60% WP (Metalaxyl + Cuprous Oxide 72% WP) in half spray tank filled up water at the following rate: 50g per knapsack sprayer. 100g per atomiser. Agitate vigorously and complete the spray tank with water.




Recommendations for application:

Start treatment as soon as cherelle sprouts attain 2-3 cm. Repeat the treatment twice at intervals of 3 weeks, until 2 meters high of the trees.
A fourth application has to be applied once the raining season has started. Treat the fruits on trunk and branches.

Applications have to be continued every 15 days with cupric fungicide.  


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