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Glufosinate ammonium

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  • Brand:    SINOVID
  • Type:    SV176
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Product Name: Glufosinate-ammonium
Synonyms: DL-Phosphinothricin ammonium salt;FREE SAMPLE NCV GLUFOSINATE AMMONIUM;2-Amino-4-(hydroxymethylphosphinyl)butyric acid ammonium salt;Ammonium 2-amino-4(hydroxymethylphosphinyl)butanoate;dl-phosphinothricinammonium;finale;finale14sl;hoe00661
CAS: 77182-82-2
MF: C5H18N3O4P
MW: 215.19
EINECS: 278-636-5
Product Categories: Pharmaceutical intermediates;inhibitor;glutamine synthetase inhibitor;Amines;Phosphorylating and Phosphitylating Agents
Mol File: 77182-82-2.mol
Glufosinate-ammonium Structure
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